The HCJ sends judges to honorary resignation instead of dismissal for violations
The High Council of Justice sends judges regarding whom it will soon consider the issue of their dismissal to honorary resignation with the preservation of all privileges and permanent payments.
It should be noted that the list of the High Council of Justice failures described below is not full and comprehensive. The project contains only the most outrageous and notorious examples of the bias of the current composition of the HCJ. The list of failures is regularly updated and expanded.
On April 9, 2020, the High Council of Justice resigned Oleksandr Strukov, the odious head of Oktyabrskyi Court of Poltava.

At the time when members of the HCJ were considering Oleksandr Strukov's resignation on his own volition, on April 9 there were also 7 (!) complaints awaiting the consideration against Strukov, including from the Prosecutor's Office in Poltava region. One of complaints was on the agenda at the HCJ in a week, namely, on April 15. It concerned 170 episodes where Stukov allowed drivers accused of drunk driving to avoid responsibility. That means that the High Council of Justice had every reason to postpone consideration of resignation of the judge. However, members of the HCJ did not do so and unanimously satisfied Strukov's statement.

Thanks to the High Council of Justice, Strukov resigned instead of shameful dismissal. In addition, due to the resignation Strukov received payment in the amount of almost one million UAH. In total, for the last 3 months and 9 days of his work he submitted in the declaration almost 2.5 million of his salary.

In retirement Strukov will receive from 90,000 UAH per month for life. And if he had been deservedly dismissed for the violation, he would not have received these exorbitant sums and would have the right only for the regular pension.

On March 10, 2020, members of the High Council of Justice resigned the judge of Rivne Regional Court of Appeal Anzhelika Sheremet. Two years ago she was recognized by the High Qualification Commission of Judges as incapable to administer justice and was subject of dismissal.

The issue of Angelika Sheremet's dismissal due to her failure to pass the qualification assessment was on the agenda of members of the HCJ on the same day as the issue of her resignation.

Only the small change in the order of consideration of issues would allow to dismiss the judge Sheremet without saving considerable lifetime benefits and more than 500.000 of permanent alimony, but she would only have the right on the regular pension.

On January 28, 2020, members of the HCJ satisfied the statement on resignation of the judge of Olevsk District Court of Zhytomyr Region Viktor Voloshchuk.

At the time of consideration the resignation, Viktor Voloshchuk had been under investigation for more than four years for causing the fatal traffic accident. In September 2015, the judge Voloshchuk drove into the oncoming lane and hit 21-year-old motorcyclist who died at the place of accident.

The case of this episode was at the stage of final consideration in the court, and members of the High Council of Justice knew about it. Viktor Voloshchuk was found guilty of the crime and he was sentenced to four years in prison on February 18. Twenty days after the HCJ satisfied his statement on resignation.

Due to his resignation, Viktor Voloshchuk received payment in the amount of almost 350,000 UAH and will receive considerable pension for life.