Members of the HCJ do not
meet the criteria of integrity and are appointed either for obvious political reasons or in violation of the law
Many members of the HCJ do not themselves meet the criteria for which other judges should be carefully examined. The appointment of at least four members of the Council was illegally influenced, and two others were held in violation of the Constitution.
It should be noted that the list of the High Council of Justice failures described below is not full and comprehensive. The project contains only the most outrageous and notorious examples of the bias of the current composition of the HCJ. The list of failures is regularly updated and expanded.
In December 2018, when the Congress of Judges of Ukraine selected 4 members of the High Council of Justice, it became clear to everyone that instructions regarding those who should be selected were "handed down". That means that there is no selection, but only the imitation of judicial self-government.

23 candidates sent their applications for the competition. The delegated judges had to vote independently for the candidate they selected at the congress. However, before the congress, the activist of Automaidan Kateryna Butko made public names of candidates who would win because they were agreed in advance, and the competition and voting itself were just imitation. The message stated that agreed candidates were the following.

In the end, all four candidates who were previously agreed in high offices were actually selected by the congress. Later, information about this type of "selection" was confirmed by the released audio recording, in which the chairman of the High Economic Court at that time and now the deputy chairman of the "new" Supreme Court Bohdan Lvov gave instructions to delegates at the congress.

Moreover, members of the HCJ who have been selected in this way do not meet the criteria of integrity themselves. In particular, Svitlana Shelest receives expensive gifts, such as a separate apartment in an elite house. Larysa Ivanova explained ownership of several expensive real estate objects by doing the work of coal-heaver and collecting strawberries.

In addition, two other members were, in fact, selected to the HCJ in violation of the Constitution, which clearly states that one person may not hold the position of the member of the HCJ for two consecutive terms. However, the Congress of Attorneys selected notorious Pavlo Hrechkivskyi and Oleksiy Malovatskyi as members of the HCJ for the second time in a row. And the HCJ enlisted them into the composition. The lack of integrity of these members is also beyond doubt on other grounds.

Information on the composition of the HCJ and the integrity of its members is being updated.